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@Gyouki said, gI came here to build a new shrine on top of that mountain.

@I know! I will take Fuku chan with me to the mountainh and then ordered, gFuku chan, follow meh and he set off to the top of the mountain.

@When Gyouki and Fuku chan arrived at gOchouzu no takih waterfall, Gyouki ordered Fuku chan to exercise and train with the priests already at the waterfall while Gyouki would go up to the mountain for three days.

@On the first day, Fuku chan was very serious about training under the water fall and meditating in the old shrine hall, but on the second day he was less playful and more restless. Finally, on the third day, he had started to do damage and violence to his teachers.

5th update day@June 19, 2006

Prologue page1 page7 page8 page9 page10 page11