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@When Priest Gyouki came back to find Fuku chan in trouble, he became very angry. He yelled at Fuku chan, gFuku!! You have become a Tengu because you never listen to instructions!h Then the priest screeched gYeeei!! Yaaaa!!h and a mysterious thing happened. Fuku chanfs nose immediately grew longer and longer.

@Fuku chan was immediately embarrassed by this new long nose. He looked in the mirror, crying and said, gI donft want to go outside!h

@Then Prist Gyouki, still furious, instructed, gFuku, continue to train seriously at the waterfall and also help out villagers in nearby Shigeida-townh. He added, gIf you train and help out seriously for one year, I promise that I will return your face to normalh

@After hearing there was hope to change his nose back to normal, Fuku replied, gYes, I understandh. He immediately began training and exercising under the waterfall and also meditating in the shrine hall.

6th update day@June 20, 2006

Prologue page1 page7 page8 page9 page10 page11